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      Portable Diagnostic Facility "LOTOS" (www.dyn.ru)

Long-term application in practice and numerous diagnostic methods, such as
the PIP (Dr H.Oldfield) and GDV (dr Korotkov) technologies, have confirmed
particularly positive effects on all the biostructures. Such an impression is confirmed by the
Lotus and Onix diagnostic equipment from St. Petersburg, by which, through the ECG diagram
obtained by analyzing the dynamics of heart rhythms, a series of physiological, psychological,
and energy parameters are established. The same is a part of our ongoing methodology for
checking of the psychophysical condition and its changes.

C E R T I F I C A T E S :

GM_C_Dyn      GM_C_Kva      SM_Kva

Sert1      Sert2      Sert3      Sert4

R E P O R T S :



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Copyright: Goran Marjanovic, B.Sc.Eng. ("Unconventional Physics")
"Prostor, vreme, materija", ® 198./1993; "Teslini Talasi i Teslion kao njihov kvant nosilac", ® 26./2001.