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      The Secrets of Tesla Waves !

   Anya Petrovic, the founder of Tesla Metamorphosis, together with scientists Eng. Goran Marjanovic and Dr. Prof. Ljubo Ristovski, is a guest in Kresimir Misak's program On the Edge of Science, under the title The Secrets of Tesla Waves. They are gathered together by Tesla Waves which, unlike Hertzian waves, get stronger with the distance. Anya talks about Tesla Metamorphosis, about the healing powers of Tesla Waves and their influence on the human DNA and consciousness evolution. Eng. Goran Marjanovic talks about The Model of Eternal Oscillating Universe where Tesla Waves are positioned on the ninth place and about the Tesla Amplifier with Extra Coil which broadcasts the waves different from Hertzian Waves -- the Tesla Waves. Dr. Prof. Ljubo Ristovski explains PIP camera which registers the energy field in real time. Dr. Prof. Ristovski states that these purple colours were not registered on PIP camera images of any other healing modalities.

Prica o Teslionu


      "Subtle energy vibrations”
      By all accounts, Eternal Osscilating Universe is a material interpretation of Brahma's breathing whereby his breath dissolve in a fractal series of spatial time vortex whose structure and shape we perceive as a more or less complex movements of substantial objects at appropriate time cycles ...

      "The Bosnian Pyramids & The Nikola Tesla Waves”
      Serbian researcher of Tesla technologies, Goran Marjanoviæ presented his work about relation of Tesla Technologies (Tesla's Non-Hertzian waves) and pyramidal structures and sacred geometry. "Wether Tesla waves really existand is there any connection between pyramidal structures and tesla technologies or not the intention of this presentationis to point out that facilities in the Archeological Park Visoko and related objects likely were not a result of stochastic natural processes but these are artifical objects created with careful planing of their shape and location, probably built by ancients with unknown technology whose purpose we may, howeever foresee: stimulating, harmonizing and preservation of basically cosmic and Earth energetic vibrations favorable for all local densities and especially for biological structures and maybe even for intergalactic communication" (Goran Marjanovic)

      "Pyramid in Visoko emits subtle energies"
      Ing. Goran Marjanoviæ gave interview on 2 ICBP 2011 explaining that Pyramid Sun , in Visoko, emits subtle energies which cannot be measured directly, but by measuring their shadows like EM, ultrasound vibrations etc.

      "Rtanj and Tesla Technology"
      Rtanj is an unusual pyramid-hill in east Serbia where Tesla's non-Hertzian technologies, can help in measurement of "The subtle intelligent ether energies", which are present there. Ing. Goran Marjanoviæ, Serbian scientist known in the field of Tesla technologies, is talking about this phenomena from his practical experience and work. He did such measurements on Rtanj, Serbia and on Bosnian pyramid of the Sun, B&H. He said that he can measure just shadows of such fine subtle energies, with advanced technical devices.

      "Unknown TESLA"
       The truth about Tesla Technology

      True Tesla: "Ideas of the old Vedas and the work of Nikola Tesla"
       Importance of (lesser known) Nikola Tesla and the significance of his work, which on this occasion was presented to the public as an even bigger more important and significant scientist than the Great Tesla, we know and to whom we already give away many well-deserved confessions. Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation, Belgrade, January 18, 2018

      "From the Creator, over photon to teslion"
       Description of Realities, G. Marjanovic theoretical (EDQM) and S.Umashankar by personal insight, through meditation.

      "Tesla Technology – the Bridge Between Material and Spiritual World"
       Science and Spiritual Quest, World Peace Convention, 7th Swiss Congress on Science and Spiritual Quest, November 3, 2018. The basis of the material part of reality is created by the particle-wave entities that constitute the Macro and Micro structures of the World and are described by the Relativity theory and Quantum theory. The "Hyper" area, which belongs to the spiritual aspect of reality, is consisting of appropriate levels of consciousness or – in popular terms – "beings" of appropriate-vibration speed and the like.


            Laboratory G.Marjanovic Laboratory for Nikola Tesla Technology Research,
            "Tesla Vortex" Complex vortexial electrodynamic vibration as Tesla Waves Manifestation,
            "Treatment" Ambient field changes during treatment (PIP),
            "Interaction" Scalar field and Biofield Interaction,
            "Special Tesla Coil" "E" field - "Orgon" field measuring.

    Gif animations :

      "Tesla Scalar K9 EDQ Generator" Recordings of the device from all sides
      "Light Processor K9 EDQq-LP" Recordings of the device from all sides


       "Ultra-slow light - the "interdimensional bridge" between matter and spirit"
      In this paper, is given a mechanism that could enable the realization of Tesla's most controversial ideas: "Human consciousness will push the limits of life and it will be possible to talk with the souls of the dead separated from the body. These findings will further shift our understanding of the difference between life and death." … and thereby overcome the possibility that - as it is today - only specially gifted and trained individuals receive information accepted by our "inner" (astral double) senses … also … REAL possibility of solving the key problem of our civilization - the mastery of clean energy.

       "Science and Spirituality"
      "This text is a short synopsis of the 5 previous texts (given belove) that I presented at the conference: “Synthesis of Science, Spirituality, Art and Culture for World Peace, September 30, 2023 Anton-Graff-Strasse 75, 8400 Winterthur.” In this paper Absolute Reality is described through a combination of scientific knowledge, deep esoteric knowledge and ancient cosmogonies. Example: The human soul is a billion billion times "away" from the physical aspect of man in the "inward" direction than it is in the opposite direction - "outward" the most distant galaxy of the Universe away from man ...; According to defined hierarchy of material-spiritual phenomena and the matrix of their entanglement human soul ( Jiva) structure can be corelated with the lowest form of "Fohat" – that is of “primordial light”, primordial cosmic substance, and the "(most) primitive" product of its differentiation into appropriate forms on different Planes of existence in the manifested universe...

       "Spirit, soul, body"
      "The unification of science and spirituality allows us a better understanding of "sub-photon" phenomena and more than interesting insights into the structure of Absolute Reality, which is undoubtedly multidimensional, but also quantitatively and qualitatively completely analogous to the "breathing of Brahma" and the processes of transformation of Purusha into Prakritha and vice versa. And in general, our analysis has shown that the ancient Vedic principles of Creation are in complete agreement with the insights, ideas and principles of Nikola Tesla - which is by no means a miracle or a coincidence considering that: "... Divine thought" is transmitted and manifested through the Architects of the visible world, and imprints in cosmic substance as the "laws of nature" - from where the great Tesla "mirrored" them into his devices. What's more - Tesla's idea of "energy feeding" materialized in his famous "Magnifying Transmitter" is a faithful "copy" of the elementary principles of Sankhya ideology - the transformation of sequential into simultaneous processes that characterize all phases of evolution - growth and development, spiritual phenomena into material and vice versa - involution - the process of returning material forms to their original, spiritual form, whereby their structural matrix always remains the same - in the form of seven-fold-nested material-spiritual phenomena so that - on all "levels of existence” - all phenomena of a higher level of consciousness are "placed" "within" those of a lower level of consciousness - which unequivocally confirms the generally accepted ontology of being according to which man is the unity of physical body, soul and spirit - whereby: "Spirit is in the soul, soul is in the body and body is in the world".

       "Scalar waves, Prana and Jiva"
      "Unition of science and spirituality, allows us better understanding of "sub-photonic" phenomena that cannot be detected by scientific methodology and equipment and offer us a much more advanced communication with Absolute Reality. In this paper, it is shown that the speed of light is most likely limited to the value c only up to the "level" of galaxies, while for intergalactic regions, clusters of galaxies .., it can have a higher value; The value of "McDougall's soul" of 21 grams is not "the weight of the human soul" but "the weight of the "human's astral double" that leaves the body while the "Individual soul", i.e. Jiva is a much more subtle phenomenon belonging to the mental-causal level - which is in agreement theosophy of Helena Blavacka; Hypothetical phenomena of contemporary science: "Fifth force" and "Fifth element" - Quintessence, "Dark matter" and "Dark mass" are correlative with Sanskrit phenomena: Prana (creative force), Ether, Bhutatmas ..."

       "The structure of Absolute Reality"
      "The synthesis of scientific and spiritual knowledge embodied in the Model of Quantized Energy Densities, through observed analogies, symmetry and harmony between the material and spiritual aspects of reality, offers us a really beautiful, very simple and logical Structure of Absolute Reality, the possibility of a better understanding of individual entities and interacting mechanisms in the structure of the Absolute, which consists of an immense wealth of manifested and unmanifested, material-spiritual phenomena - that "infinite ocean of various frequencies, vibrations, divine super-substance from which all things are made, from which everything is formed and lives..."."

       "The Relationship of Light, Ether and Akasha"
      "Light (electromagnetic field), ether and akasha are phenomena of different levels of quantization, that is, of energy density, and thus of different characteristics, properties, ways and speed of propagation. Each of them have their own energy quanta - elementary "packages" of energy: photon, teslion and mulaprakriti respectively."

       "Akasha - forerunner of Ether - “Superfluid quantum vacuum”
      "The hologram structure of the fractal type of our reality implies the existence of analogies so that the famous Tesla sentence: "Considering A Light as a sound wave ...", with which he begins his calculation of ether parameters really makes sense but also has a realistic physical basis. Analysis from the aspect of the KGE model showed that the air (k = -1) from our "here-now" reality is directly mapped in the "phase shifted" phenomenon (k = +9) that makes the elementary quantum of the etheric fluid - "Tesla's gaseous medium". It has been shown that ether and akasha are not the same phenomenon because akasha is a more subtle energy form than ether and represents an even more primary substance or forerunner of the ether."

       "Radiant energy", "Fire from ice" or "Zero Point Energy" ?
      "There is no doubt that "Free" energy would completely change the world. The ability to use some "Cosmic Energy" or energy from the ether, vacuum, "zero point",…, and even from water would stop the destruction of the Blue Planet and allow new technological progress of difficult dimensions in all aspects of life - from physical well-being to the creation of extreme humane social order ..."

       "Nikola Tesla - the founder of the physics of the future"
      "A collection of texts presented in a series of episodes dedicated to the legacy of Nikola Tesla on "TV Svetlo" in the period October 2020. - January 2021 in which it is pointed out to his far-sighted intuitive insights, amazing technical solutions, key remarks on the "wireless energy transmission system" and the complete agreement of Tesla's "theory and practice" with the latest insights of modern science."

       "Sacral geometry of pyramids in ether technologies of Nikola Tesla"
      "In my opinion, Tesla's machine from Colorado Springs, his famous "Magnifying Transmitter" - in its sophistication - is completely analogous to the Pyramid of Cheops and is a true masterpiece of knowledge - and a strong proof of the depth of Tesla's insights into the Technologies of Perfection and Cosmic Harmony."

       "Harmony of Heaven and Earth in Tesla's work"
      "Harmony of Heaven and Earth manifested in the form of lightning, a seemingly simple but basically complex, quantized phenomenon, whose structure is analogous to Tesla's wave impulse package for wireless energy transmission without losses, to which the Tot-Hermes Resonator - the Great Pyramid of Giza (Cheops pyramid) is set - is a direct consequence of the premise that the world in which we live is Creation woven from an infinite number of variations of fractal entities into a finite set of phenomena of holographic structure."

       “Nikola Tesla and the Pyramids"
      "The concordance of Tesla's principles and ancient knowledge is not the result of his "fascination with the pyramids and their lifelong exploration" but of his intuitive ingenuity, persistence, tireless work and hard mental and physical labor. In any case, the study of ancient knowledge, pyramidal and sacred structures can be a great help in understanding the natural mechanisms and Tesla's technologies."

      “Tesla's "Magnifying Transmitter" - a fractal of the quantum hologram Reality”
      “The latest discovery of quantum physicists - the particle "X17" (protophobic X boson, mass ~ 17 MeV), at the "Hungarian Nuclear Research Institute", is so unusual that it represents a potential discovery of the fifth force in nature and thus requires a re-examination of the Standard Model of Particle Physics! This newly discovered phenomenon of the quantum world is of great importance from the aspect of Tesla's technologies as it simultaneously confirms Tesla's intuitive ingenuity and the concordance of his etheric technologies with the experimental reality of modern physics and the latest ideas of theoretical physicists who could solve the mystery of dark matter.”

      “Pyramids - an interface for communication with the supernatural Reality”
      “... Pyramids - elements of the cosmic Internet that enable almost instant intergalactic communication in the Universe become extremely controversial objects whose importance and role in general-cosmic energy flows becomes much more significant. The pyramidal objects of a very special construction, dimensions and structures like the Cheops pyramid support meditative psychophysical states, therefore states that allow easier communication with supernatural aspects of Reality and, most importantly, improve the introspection of the subconscious segment of one's own being-and allow correction of their rational beliefs”

      “Unity of Matter and Spirit”
      “... The EDQ model combines Matter and Spirit into the ”Unity of space, time, and energy” - in which ALL phenomena macro (galaxies, planets ...), micro (proton, neutrino ...), hyper (spirit, soul, intuition, emotion ...) of Reality can be described by the same physical parameters - which is of the utmost importance since traditional teachings imply "Energy multilayerity" of "beings". In terminology of the Model it means that they include multiple quantum levels, therefore, not only their physical aspect, but also the astral and a few higher spiritual plans (Eteric, Celestial, Causal ...).”

      “Tesla's ether technology - impetus of the third technological revolution”
      “... civilization has reached a "crossroad" in its development, where it finally HAS TO MAKE a decision in which direction it will go, what is crucial for the future life on the Earth.”

      “Nikola Tesla's Ether Technologies in practice”
      “Science's claim that ether does not exist is the greatest logical error of modern science which it attempts to overcome by introducing an even less known spectrum of hypothetical phenomena such as dark matter, dark energy, quasi-particles like (never detected) “graviton”, “phonon” and similar. All these entities resulting from “mental acrobatics” of theoretical physicists would become unnecessary - by returning ether to science, Nikola Tesla's ether technologies would be returned to the scientific domain and become the basis of all future technologies, the impetus of new scientific knowledge, numerous technical discoveries and actually a driving force and momentum of the third industrial revolution of humanity. The results of my own researches and the measurements performed are presented In this paper.”

      “About Ether”
      “Ether phenomena analysis, suggested corrections and supplements enrich valid theories, reaffirm Nikola Tesla ideas and set his etheric Technology interpretations to the scientific framework, which makes its feasibility more certain.”

      “Brilliance of magnificent Tesla technology”
      “Tesla's "non-Hertzian" waves are the really existing longitudinal ethereal vibrations, "potential transfer" or "substrates stress transmigration" ... all the ideas of this proven intuitive genius becomes much more certain, and "pseudo-scientific" terms such as teleportation, antigravity, inertia, zero-point energy and the like becomes much more acceptable.”

      “Nikola Tesla's Ether technology”
      “Let the future tell the truth and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.”

      “Pyramids and Scalar Waves”
      First Global Pyramid Energy Conference, MAY 7-13, 2018, Visoko, BiH. About Scalar waves, Torsion fields, Cosmic energy & Knowledge ...

      "Universe – Perpetual Harmonic Oscillator"
      Not only is "The Man" located in the point of the golden ratio between ordinate and the "Black area", but the line of "growth and development", M~R^2, representing the evolution and involution "path" of all that exists ... IN EVERY SEGMENT: Macro, Micro and Hyper structure of Reality - are based on the parameters of Eternal Harmonic Oscillations - the same ones that "Highest Creator" applied in the Creation of the World, that ancient peoples used in their “Hyper-Technologies”, and which Nikola Tesla "copied” into his "Oscillators!"

      "Nikola Tesla - Prometheus of the New age"
      N.Tesla: "Years ago I was in the position to transmit wireless power to any distance without limit other than that imposed by the physical dimensions of the globe..."

To my opinion, the magnificient building in Colorado Springs, the device which Nikola Tesla constructed to make experiments with wireless conveyance of energy, is not the „usual transformer“, as it is oftenly described, it is really the mashine of the extremly great complexity (despite of its apparently simple construction), and it is actually some kind of „overunity“ mashine.

      "Tesla waves"
      More than one hundred years before, Nikola Tesla was discovered and was utilizing new type of electric (so called Non-Hertzian) waves. In this paper, we should try to explain Tesla’s waves nature and establish entirely new kind of corpuscle, we named Teslion, as theirs own quant carrier, and to demonstrate that Tesla’s ideas about Non-Hertzian waves commonly do not impugn recent science axioms.

      "Speed of light and Maxwell's constant (Relative Relativity)"
      The speed of light is the most famous natural constant. The value of many parameters, and also the validity of many theories and postulates, was based on its size. In fact, it is a speed of moving of photons as quanta of electromagnetic radiation.

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Copyright: Goran Marjanovic, B.Sc.Eng. ("Unconventional Physics")
"Prostor, vreme, materija", ® 198./1993; "Teslini Talasi i Teslion kao njihov kvant nosilac", ® 26./2001.