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      The Secrets of Tesla Waves !

   Anya Petrovic, the founder of Tesla Metamorphosis, together with scientists Eng. Goran Marjanovic and Dr. Prof. Ljubo Ristovski, is a guest in Kresimir Misak's program On the Edge of Science, under the title The Secrets of Tesla Waves. They are gathered together by Tesla Waves which, unlike Hertzian waves, get stronger with the distance. Anya talks about Tesla Metamorphosis, about the healing powers of Tesla Waves and their influence on the human DNA and consciousness evolution. Eng. Goran Marjanovic talks about The Model of Eternal Oscillating Universe where Tesla Waves are positioned on the ninth place and about the Tesla Amplifier with Extra Coil which broadcasts the waves different from Hertzian Waves -- the Tesla Waves. Dr. Prof. Ljubo Ristovski explains PIP camera which registers the energy field in real time. Dr. Prof. Ristovski states that these purple colours were not registered on PIP camera images of any other healing modalities.

Prica o Teslionu


      "Subtle energy vibrations”
      By all accounts, Eternal Osscilating Universe is a material interpretation of Brahma's breathing whereby his breath dissolve in a fractal series of spatial time vortex whose structure and shape we perceive as a more or less complex movements of substantial objects at appropriate time cycles ...

      "The Bosnian Pyramids & The Nikola Tesla Waves”
      Serbian researcher of Tesla technologies, Goran Marjanoviæ presented his work about relation of Tesla Technologies (Tesla's Non-Hertzian waves) and pyramidal structures and sacred geometry. "Wether Tesla waves really existand is there any connection between pyramidal structures and tesla technologies or not the intention of this presentationis to point out that facilities in the Archeological Park Visoko and related objects likely were not a result of stochastic natural processes but these are artifical objects created with careful planing of their shape and location, probably built by ancients with unknown technology whose purpose we may, howeever foresee: stimulating, harmonizing and preservation of basically cosmic and Earth energetic vibrations favorable for all local densities and especially for biological structures and maybe even for intergalactic communication" (Goran Marjanovic)

      "Pyramid in Visoko emits subtle energies"
      Ing. Goran Marjanoviæ gave interview on 2 ICBP 2011 explaining that Pyramid Sun , in Visoko, emits subtle energies which cannot be measured directly, but by measuring their shadows like EM, ultrasound vibrations etc.

      "Rtanj and Tesla Technology"
      Rtanj is an unusual pyramid-hill in east Serbia where Tesla's non-Hertzian technologies, can help in measurement of "The subtle intelligent ether energies", which are present there. Ing. Goran Marjanoviæ, Serbian scientist known in the field of Tesla technologies, is talking about this phenomena from his practical experience and work. He did such measurements on Rtanj, Serbia and on Bosnian pyramid of the Sun, B&H. He said that he can measure just shadows of such fine subtle energies, with advanced technical devices.

      "Unknown TESLA"
       The truth about Tesla Technology

      True Tesla: "Ideas of the old Vedas and the work of Nikola Tesla"
       Importance of (lesser known) Nikola Tesla and the significance of his work, which on this occasion was presented to the public as an even bigger more important and significant scientist than the Great Tesla, we know and to whom we already give away many well-deserved confessions. Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation, Belgrade, January 18, 2018

      "From the Creator, over photon to teslion"
       Description of Realities, G. Marjanovic theoretical (EDQM) and S.Umashankar by personal insight, through meditation.


            Laboratory G.Marjanovic Laboratory for Nikola Tesla Technology Research,
            "Tesla Vortex" Complex vortexial electrodynamic vibration as Tesla Waves Manifestation,
            "Treatment" Ambient field changes during treatment (PIP),
            "Interaction" Scalar field and Biofield Interaction,
            "Special Tesla Coil" "E" field - "Orgon" field measuring.

    Gif animations :

      "Tesla Scalar K9 EDQ Generator" Recordings of the device from all sides
      "Light Processor K9 EDQq-LP" Recordings of the device from all sides


      “Brilliance of magnificent Tesla technology”
      “Tesla's "non-Hertzian" waves are the really existing longitudinal ethereal vibrations, "potential transfer" or "substrates stress transmigration" ... all the ideas of this proven intuitive genius becomes much more certain, and "pseudo-scientific" terms such as teleportation, antigravity, inertia, zero-point energy and the like becomes much more acceptable.”

      “Nikola Tesla's Ether technology”
      “Let the future tell the truth and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.”

      “Pyramids and Scalar Waves”
      First Global Pyramid Energy Conference, MAY 7-13, 2018, Visoko, BiH. About Scalar waves, Torsion fields, Cosmic energy & Knowledge ...

      "Universe – Perpetual Harmonic Oscillator"
      Not only is "The Man" located in the point of the golden ratio between ordinate and the "Black area", but the line of "growth and development", M~R^2, representing the evolution and involution "path" of all that exists ... IN EVERY SEGMENT: Macro, Micro and Hyper structure of Reality - are based on the parameters of Eternal Harmonic Oscillations - the same ones that "Highest Creator" applied in the Creation of the World, that ancient peoples used in their “Hyper-Technologies”, and which Nikola Tesla "copied” into his "Oscillators!"

      "Nikola Tesla - Prometheus of the New age"
      N.Tesla: "Years ago I was in the position to transmit wireless power to any distance without limit other than that imposed by the physical dimensions of the globe..."

To my opinion, the magnificient building in Colorado Springs, the device which Nikola Tesla constructed to make experiments with wireless conveyance of energy, is not the „usual transformer“, as it is oftenly described, it is really the mashine of the extremly great complexity (despite of its apparently simple construction), and it is actually some kind of „overunity“ mashine.

      "Tesla waves"
      More than one hundred years before, Nikola Tesla was discovered and was utilizing new type of electric (so called Non-Hertzian) waves. In this paper, we should try to explain Tesla’s waves nature and establish entirely new kind of corpuscle, we named Teslion, as theirs own quant carrier, and to demonstrate that Tesla’s ideas about Non-Hertzian waves commonly do not impugn recent science axioms.

      "Speed of light and Maxwell's constant (Relative Relativity)"
      The speed of light is the most famous natural constant. The value of many parameters, and also the validity of many theories and postulates, was based on its size. In fact, it is a speed of moving of photons as quanta of electromagnetic radiation.

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Copyright: Goran Marjanovic, B.Sc.Eng. ("Unconventional Physics")
"Prostor, vreme, materija", ® 198./1993; "Teslini Talasi i Teslion kao njihov kvant nosilac", ® 26./2001.