Tesla Scalar devices are based on the Non-Hertzian” technologies of Nikola Tesla. They originated as the result of more than three decades of researches
that clearly confirmed consent of our cosmological model of nature named “Energy Density Quantifying model” with ancient teachings ("Secret of Sankhya" e.g.)
about the unity of the matter and spirit.

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Tesla Scalar K9 EDQ Generator

User Manual

This very specific device, using the unique Tesla coil, constitutes a specific “volumetric” subtle energy field vibrations that change the energetic structure of the coil surrounding area by harmonizing ambiental field which results in the increased substrates conductivity for the subtle energetic flows and vice versa. The result of this increased harmonization level of complex energetic fields of scalar type and their alignment with the cosmic subtle energy fluctuations is very beneficial influence on all biostructures. ... More detailed



Light Processor K9 EDQ-LP

User Manual

Light Processors entirety composition is formed by unification of the modern Tesla technologies knowledge that is founded on the principles of nature and of the axiomatic rules of the ancients in which all cosmic constants values are interwoven, as well as codes of the ancient pyramidal and sacral structures as a subtle energy concentrators and amplifiers. ... More detailed



Generator Tesla Scalar K9 EDQ-S

User Manual

A simplified version of the Tesla Scalar generator, K9 EDQ-S, does not possess all the qualities which extremely sophisticated basic model K9 EDQ has, but however, it kept a key function for constituting a subtle-energy fields of the scalar type, through a unique, very specific - Tesla coil. Special Tesla coil, that is a "helical resonator", is excited by the appropriate signal modulated with the Schuman frequency of 7.8 Hz. It gives an adequate quality to energetic vibrations that this machine generates in its vicinity, as the phenomenon of volumetric vibrations that helps the human body to synchronize with EM pulses of Earth and align a human brain rhythms with its natural variety of vibrations. In this way, by correcting the imbalance of bio-electric fields in the body, acute and chronic medical conditions are alleviated, including reduction of auto-immune and endocrine disorders. Rhythm calming and energy fields balancing contribute to more intensive secretion of melatonin which causes further calming, relaxation of the structure of man and his psychological and physical balancing as the basic precondition of health. Latest research has shown that melatonin not only helps with insomnia, prevents migraine, strengthens the immune system - but also protects the nervous system and works as a powerful antioxidant! Harmonization of complex axion energy fields of scalar type, and their complying with the Cosmic vibrations has resulted in a very beneficial impact on a wide range of densities of human bio-structures. More detailed



Light Processor K9 EDQ-LP-S

User Manual

A simplified version of the Light Processor does not possess all the elements of a sophisticated mechanism for the processing of optical spectrum in its surrounding which a basic model K9 EDQ LP has, but it still retains all the elementary functions by being subtle energies concentrator and/or amplifier. It can be said that the operation of this device is quite analogous to the basic model possibilities but in this model the excitation of the Active Orgonite is done in a somewhat lesser resolution, so the features, power and opportunities of the "Pyramidal resonator" are not maximally exploited. However, its work is also based on the combined knowledge of modern Tesla technologies based on the principles of Nature, and axiomatic rules of ancient peoples that is inwrought in the values of cosmic constants, and codes of pyramidal structures and religious buildings as the subtle energies concentrators and/or amplifiers, so as to allow effects that are almost identical to the basic model possibilities, although its interaction with human bio-information fields takes place in a little more modest range. More detailed


      Aktivni Orgonit       

"Pyramidal resonator" - "Active Orgonite"

creates a powerful, multilayered field of clean energy by complex, multidimensional effects of small, but very special, Tesla coil placed inside a heterogeneous pyramidal structure. ... More detailed


Hologram labels


All our devices are protected from copying and falsification by holographic stickers that are numbered by laser device and the numbers are stored in the "Tesla Scalar" database.



“All perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, of a tenuity beyond conception and filling all space – the Akasa or luminiferous ether – which is acted upon by the life-giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never ending cycles, all things and phenomena.”

N.Tesla “Man’s great achievement”, 1907...



The most significant positive effects of NonHertzian scalar fields of "Tesla Scalar" devices are:


* Living and working space ambient purification and considerable reduction of harmful electromagnetic radiation level, i.e. EM smog influence lowering as well as decreasing of geopathogenic radiation effects;
* Living beings multilayered energy structure harmonization with the makro and micro cosmic oscillations and balancing of physical-energy-informational entirety of bio-organisms;
* Revitalization of the tissue on the cellular level via subtle-energy flows regulation that triggering a self-healing natural mechanisms;
* Help in a healthy biosphere preserving through a beneficial influence on the water, flora and fauna, and ecosystems in general.

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Copyright: Goran Marjanovic, B.Sc.Eng. ("Unconventional Physics")
"Prostor, vreme, materija", ® 198./1993; "Teslini Talasi i Teslion kao njihov kvant nosilac", ® 26./2001.