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      The Pyramidal Resonator

Portable K9 EDQ-LP device, "The Pyramidal resonator" is a set of very special structure that contains
spatially-harmonized, time-synchronized and mutually coherent elements that meet the necessary and
sufficient conditions for the realization of multi-dimensional resonance and constitution of a complex,
electrodynamic - so called - Scalar - and dynamical torsion fields, which have extremely favorable effects
on physiological and spiritual states of bio-structures. Its construction is the result of the synthesis and practical
application of the modern electro magnetism theory, axiomatic principles of Sankhya ("Secret of Sankhya",
Maharishi Kapilla), a modern interpretation of Zhineng Qigong, the ancient Chinese teachings about
the nature and the laws that governing life, G. Marjanovic’ “Energy Density Quantification Model” ( EDQM)
postulates, and of course - the Tesla technology.


      "The Pyramidal resonator" operation is based on the principles of multi-dimensional resonance, or on the laws of wave mechanics applied to the Macro, Micro and Hyper aspects of the “Absolutes” (or “Unity”) structure - in the terminology of the EDQ Model. Namely, according to EDQM, the WORLD is a Perfect Creation of modeling of an infinite number of variations of fractal entities in a finite set of holographically structured phenomena. (More detailed: “Universe – Perpetual Harmonic Oscillator”).

      What “Axiomatic principles of Sankhya” and EDQM postulates suggest is a very simple, but perfect, mechanism of Nature by which She is endlessly consistent in a variation of one basic motive! Operating according to the self-similarity principles, all entities of reality develop through the eternal processes of self-maintained harmonic vibrations (Perpetual Harmonic Oscillator) in the form of three dimensional standing waves whose matrix consists of numerous, intertwined energy vortices, which, nested one inside the other, constitute an energy multi-layered topological structure, forming a "sphere in the sphere" energy shape, ie. the harmonic "spatial" standing waves or - torsion fields whose structure is in line with the (multi-dimensional, holographic) Supreme Creator’s "Cosmic Matrix".

      Torsion fields are subtle-energy phenomena of vortex forms, present in all aspects of our lives, but - in nature and in a part of the reality available to us – its “strength” is extremely small and hardly accessible to common technologies, so they still, to a large extent, elude to the classical scientific experimental physics - but not to our experience!

      The torsion field concept was conceived in the Soviet Union by a group of great physicists in the 1980s. The group, led by Anatoly Akimov and Gennady Shipov, began the research as the state-sponsored Center for Nontraditional Technologies.

      Torsion fields also have the important characteristic of being affected by the specific topology/geometry of macroscopic objects and biological fields.

      Torsion field emanations can travel at velocities at least as high as 10^9 times the speed of light. Torsion fields can interact with laser beams (change frequency); affect biological processes; are generated by melting or solidifying some materials; affect quartz crystals; affect some electronic components; can favorably change some beverages; and have been noted to affect gravity.

      Torsion fields have a very interesting and important property that are subject to the influence of specific topology or geometry of macroscopic objects and biological fields.

      All my theoretical and practical analysis indicates that objects of particular forms, manifested at the level of the phenomenal world, with specific dimensions and specially arranged internal structure – are a "concentrators" for appropriate forms of energy (including sub-Planck entities) in the field of Hyper-space and are a kind of "multidimensional dipoles", i.e. the subtle-energy resonators, which are of the bioenergetic or related type. (More detailed: "Kozyrev: Aether, Time and Torsion").

      ALL THAT EXISTS grows and develops under the self-similarity principles in the eternal process of creation of a self-maintaining harmonic vibrations that are constituted by affirmatively-destructive combinations of coherent, simultaneously-sequential, volumetric substrate vibrations in the "breathing" regime - that is of rhythmic combination of expansive and compressive sequences or series of successive "spatial compression" and "spatial expansion" process in the terminology of the EDQ Model.. (More detailed: "Secret of Sankhya").

      The phenomenal world is a result of a series of variations and transformations of simultaneous vibrations into the sequential "wave packets" and vice versa, by means of the cyclical states exchange through the expansionary-contractive processes, constituting on that way a three-dimensional standing waves – i.e. complex scalar fields – as a energetic patterns of all manifested and non-manifested phenomenons or "Stable objects" according to the EDQ Model. (More detailed: "Universe - Perpetual Harmonic Oscillator").

      "Pyramid resonator" is made in a very specific and the unique form as an "Active Orgonite" that works simultaneously in two, mutually harmonized, energy forms. The first is the so-called. "Hertzian form", or form of the classic, transverse vectorial, electromagnetic waves and the other is the form of Non-Hertzian (N.Tesla) electrodynamic vibration or - scalar waves.

      The portable part of the K9 EDQ-LP device, the Pyramidal Resonator is the unique unit that we have named “Active Orgonite”. It creates a strong and multilayerd field of clean, volumetric –breathing like- harmonizing oscillations, known as "Purified Chi”energy. Multidimensional and layered effects comes from the smaller, very special K9 EDQ Tesla coil, accommodated inside the pyramidal form, of a strong subtle-energy charge, additionally purified by elements made of corresponding natural resins and crystal structures, such as Rock Crystal at the very top of the resonator, and frankincense, amber, and quartz at the base.

      Electromagnetic "dipoles", i.e. resonators in the domain of the electromagnetic spectrum, with an appropriate structures, placed at a specific places within the "Active Orgonite", in accordance with the form and direction of energy flows from “Hyperspace” (EDQM) energy domain, via the affirmative interference effects, amplify that flows and direct them in order to enable a synergy effects with similar energy form streams.

      The "Active Orgonite" design, operating mode and function of all its elements (helical and dipole elements for EM interaction, crystal and resin for subtle energy flows) are described in detail in the "Instructions Manual” for "Light processor K9 EDQ- LP" device

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Copyright: Goran Marjanovic, B.Sc.Eng. ("Unconventional Physics")
"Prostor, vreme, materija", ® 198./1993; "Teslini Talasi i Teslion kao njihov kvant nosilac", ® 26./2001.