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‚‚In crystal we have a pure evidence of the existence of a formative life principle,
and although in spite of everything we cannot understand the life of crystals
- it is still a living being."
Nikola Tesla, 1900.

        When we talk about operation of the K9 EDQ Tesla Scalar fields generator, bearing in mind that they
are some kind of „scalar ether fountains“, that act as bioenergetic stimulators, and correlating with the subtlest
layers of being and harmonize them, the presence of crystals is desirable as an additional energy stratum which,
with its specific vibrations, purifies everything that is necessary and, in some ways, may additionally specify and
direct „scalar fountains“ effects.



1. VIBRATIONAL NATURE OF UNITY, the unity of matter and spirit, particle and wave nature of matter.
2. COLORS, CRYSTALS AND CHAKRAS, color energy centers and color crystals consent.
3. CHARACTERISTICS OF CRYSTALS, properties, mode of action on the body.
4. MULTIDIMENSIONALITY OF THE ONENESS, bodies: spiritual, mental, astral, physical.
5. CHAKRAS, energy centers, energy transformers that connects our body with the universal cosmic energy.
6. PYRAMIDAL RESONATOR, concentrator and generator of the subtle fields.



      “When we speak of man, we have a conception of humanity as a whole, and before applying scientific methods to the investigation of his movement we must accept this as a physical fact. But can anyone doubt to-day that all the millions of individuals and all the innumerable types and characters constitute an entity, a unit? Though free to think and act, we are held together, like the stars in the firmament, with ties inseparable. These ties cannot be seen, but we can feel them. I cut myself in the finger, and it pains me: this finger is a part of me. I see a friend hurt, and it hurts me, too: my friend and I are one. And now I see stricken down an enemy, a lump of matter which, of all the lumps of matter in the universe, I care least for, and it still grieves me. Does this not prove that each of us is only part of a whole?“

Nikola Tesla, "The Problem of Increasing Human Energy", 1900.

      All that exists is the brightness condensed in varying degrees, externally expressed as a corpuscular or wave entity, more or less one or another but material anyway. In fact, all that exist and what is, is of corpuscular and of a wave nature, both at the same time, with the significant difference. Wave nature of the roughly-material (substantial, corpuscular) entities, that are of a large spatial dimensions relatively to its DeBroglie wavelength, is so delicate and slow to our senses that it seems to us that it does not exist, whereas in spiritual entities wave nature prevails material, which is, on the other hand, so tiny and fast that it is for our senses elusive, so it seems to us that it does not exist. In spiritual entities wave nature is prevalent in relation to the particle, but it is so tiny and fast that is elusive to our senses also. Regarding to the EDQ model postulates, we can easily understand the ancient stories about the unity of the matter and spirit, the epitome (incarnation) of the spirit into the matter, the Purusha into the Prakrti, or - spoken in a modern vocabulary - understanding of all that it is as a vibrational (or luminous, light ...) reality which is holistic, self-sustainable and interdependent.

      Holistically comprehended, the human being is a comprehensive system, wholeness in which no fraction is not separate nor independent of each other, not only in a physical sense, but also in the terms of the mental, astral, spiritual and physical sphere interdependence. What more, there is a communication between each of them, even the smallest particles of the body, arbitrarily distant one from the another, which testifies about the intelligence of created structures. Some scientists (German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp e.g.) claim that the amount of a light in the cells depends on their vitality, and that the photon exchange is a key of intercell communications, which brings us back to the original understanding of being as a bodily, especially in the spiritual phenomenon core, that is materialized primarily as a light. But also, our particle-wave nature, that functions as a complex vibration of primary, primordial - substrate, makes a wholeness, not only within the limits of our specific „I“, but in the integrity with complete cosmical entirety.


      At this stage of eternity, first of all and for the most part, we are “wholeness” altogether with our planet Earth, and we constitute the unique integrity in the terms of energy. Eld of motherhood of our planet Earth reminds us to somewhat neglected unity with our own nature, the closeness with the fruits of her womb which creates a natural habitat of our spirit in this dimension of being. At the core of the Earth there are a lot of crystals and minerals, gemstones, hence structures that preserve hers energy matrix. The preservation of our natural frequency balance, which maintains the correct life movements, can be achieved by communicating with crystals, the living beings, as Nikola Tesla often called a quartz crystals e.g., so by connecting with natural treasure from the interior of the Earth, which is not only symbolically, but is very concrete also, a treasures of motherhood interior beauty - which embraces and preserves all of us.

      Quartz crystal and their "relatives" carry informations from the center of the Earth, collect and keep them. So, transferring this information to the people, they can heal the body, mind and spirit. In the ancient cultures this knowledge was guarded and passed from time immemorial. Crystals and gemstones have always been a part of a jewelry, especially in the high class societies and the imperial and royal crowns and diadems, not only because of their beauty, but also because of their protective role as talismans and amulets. Crystals can be used to connect us mutually because they affect the vibration of the people but, likewise, they play a significant role in the ambience energy activation. As the Chi energy moves inside the man, it moves through his environment also, and therefore with the help of a crystals, it can be cleaned of the negative energy influences. About the importance of the crystals can be thought in technological and practical terms also. Let's remind ourselves to the fact that the Rock crystal is used in solar cells, batteries for watches, displays and micro-computers, which provide them memory enabling them to work in general. Considering all this facts, perhaps the idea of the Atlantean civilization as a high-tech developed civilization, just on the basis of a crystals power knowledge, is not absolutely inconceivable. However, it is logical to conclude that our own harmonious unity with the Earth can be achieved by linking us up with the gifts of its deep layers, specific crystal structures with vibrations whose frequencies heal, stimulate energetic balance and provide us a appropriate energy. Revealing to us our inner potentials: creativity, joy, beauty and love, that are present in the depths of ourselves just like in the Earth itself, they allow us to transform our own body and spirit.



      In terms of energy, we are beings of light. Bearing in the mind chakras as energy centers, there is a clear idea about the rainbow spectrum of colors that they can be attributed to, and to which the silver and gold color must be added. Visualization of the golden light stream, that passes through all the chakras, is extremely effective because it fulfills them with highest vibration, cleans and frees them from unnecessary content, opens and harmonizes them. Since each energy center can be attributed to certain color, and represent the manner of control the functioning the group of organs and parts of the body, poor functioning of the coarser levels of beings may be associated with a deficiency of certain color or color incompatibility of corresponding energy center. It can be corrected by the presence or addition of a certain color or colored light that we lack. Since the crystals are condensed, materialized light, it is good not to neglect the natural intelligence builted into their formation, which speaks to us through their different colors about the effects that can be achieved by using them. Emitting colored light and energy, they sent the appropriate vibration to our being and transmit to us its power of healing. It is very useful to take advantage of these natural resources and the wisdom of colors that speaks of frequencies, summarize in the corresponding compound of the energy centers color that we need and those of the crystal. Of course, since the crystals are living beings, and we and intuitive beings, the most beautiful manner of the crystals selection is to follow our own „internal call“, intuitive feeling that just selected crystals energy corresponds to us. Crystal selection, primarily, should be guided by a specific internal sense, „energetic attraction“ by exactly certain crystal.


      Of course it is desirable to have a variety of crystals for different purposes, about which we can find out by consulting primarily their different types and corresponding color, i.e. which vibrations correspond to different energy centers.

      - Red - crystal is a symbol of life, vitality, strength, launches energy, warms.
      * The first, the Earth chakra is most affected by red stones such as Ruby, red Jasper, red Agate, and some dark colors and earth tones such as Hematite, Garnet, Tourmaline, Tourmaline Quartz, smokey Quartz, Carnelian, yellow Topaz, Citrin, Chrysopase. *
      The red color is usually related to our first energy center, to matter. It launches energy intensively and stimulates activity, emotions, particularly passion, metabolism, appetite and digestion. Too much red stimulates tension, nervousness, stress, medical conditions and interpersonal conflicts. Within the room it should be used just in detail and in the more softer nuances.

      - Orange crystals - encourage life energy, self-control, regulate the sexual organs operation.
      * Such crystals are Carnelian, orange Calcite, fire Opal, and they work best on the second chakra. In addition to the orange crystals, good influence on the second, sacral chakra have a red and green stones, red Jasper, Chrysopase. *
      Orange represent level of sexual, life energy, it is color of the second energy center. Activates energy, encourages, strengthens ambition and inspire. It is associated with the correct flow of fluid in the body, boosts immunity and potency.

      - Yellow crystals - help digestion, affecting the liver, gall bladder, stomach, kidney, spleen, pancreas, release subconscious fears, lead into balance. Yellow stones revives and stimulates the thinking process.
* To the opening of the third, the solar chakra helps yellow stones - Sunstone, Topaz, Citrine, yellow Calcite, tiger eye, jasper, agate, Golden Beryl. *
      The yellow color is the level of intellect, of sociality and interpersonal communication. Also it is level of the third energy center - the solar plexus and all organs in this area. It activates, motivates, purifies the mind, increase mutual understanding, adaptability and tolerance.

      - Green crystals - have the color of love, health, harmony, creativity. They help in cardiac and other problems, regulate blood pressure, calm down the nerves and wake up love.
      * Emerald, jade, Green Aventurine, Malachite, Peridot (Olivine), watermelon Tourmaline and Rubelita, Hrizokola, are used to treat organs that controls the fourth, heart chakra.*
      The green color is associated with our hearts, i.e. universal love and creative energy center. It helps the materialization of our creative, transcendental ideas and aspirations. Heals, soothes and relaxes. It brings us to balance, fulfillment, satisfaction with life and love of the world. On the physical plane it is linked to heart and lung function and respiratory system of energy delivery throughout the body. It should be used as much as possible, in a soft tones in spaces for relaxation, treatment, etc. areas, and in intense form in spaces intended for creative work.

      - Pink Crystals - bring gentleness and tenderness.
      * If the heart is in hipotonus, Emerald Quartz or Malachite are recommended. And in the case of the hipertonus it is recommended Rose Quartz and Kunzite that are gentle pink. *
      Pink color is recommended for decoration in the bedrooms and other areas depending on the affinity, because it is the color of love, mutual benefit and progress.

      - Light-blue crystals - reinforce the faith, protection, trust, inspiration, purify and wake up self confidence.
* Fifth, the throat chakra corresponds to the blue stones such as Turquoise, Aquamarine, blue Topaz, Sodalite, Apatite, Lapis Lazuli, blue Sapphire.*
      The blue color symbolizes the fifth energy level, our will and faith center. It cleans, tranquilize and relaxes. Strengthens the will and faith, supports the entire body and perseverance in faith. It has the function of protecting us and the space around us. Blue color helps in verbal communication, gives security and self-confidence. It is good to be used in areas where we needed the peace, protection and concentration, and which serve for rest, meditation and intellectual work.

      - The dark-blue crystals - stimulate mental abilities, psychic stability.
      * To the sixth chakra correspond indigo blue Sapphire, Azurite, Kyanite, but Amethyst and Garnet. *
      Indigo color is a bridge between the finite and the infinite, it brings a universal knowledge and wisdom, heals eye disease, epilepsy, insomnia and mental distractions perception.

      - Colorless white - and - purple color - open the doors of perception - unity with the cosmos, represent transcendental love.
      * To the Crown, seventh chakra corresponds violet crystal such as Amethyst and Fluorite, and bluish White and golden crystalline Apophyllite, Rock Crystal, Celestin, Sapphire, Golden Beryl. *
      Purple – Royal color refers to the sixth level of intuitive understanding, "vision", knowledge. It encourages spiritual communication through direct access, bringing total peace, relaxation and happiness. Its usage is similar to the blue color.
      White - is the color of purity, expansions of horizons, the seventh energy level. Improves communication, movement, opens roads, creative self-realization. Its applying is unlimited. White color contains all other colors in it, while the black color is absence of any color and brightness.

      - Silver – yet another color with the higher vibration. Brighter tone is more favorable and darker-metal should be avoided. Stimulates intuition, dreams, subconscious, creativity on different levels, so you can use it in moderate quantities.
      - Gold - is the highest spiritual level, the essence, the Divine energy. Heals and strengthens the entire body, directs towards the Divine in us and around us, encourages finding and realization of personal meaning of existence. Input it with a light blue, as much as possible in the area where you live, because this provides a balance and the presence of the most creative vibration.



      In the crystals selection procedure we can be guided with their characteristics or abilities to help us in solving some problems, next to knowledge of the power of their colors and our intuitive feeling. There is, also, their categorization by zodiac signs. Their help in Feng Shui spatial planning, has been described also. So, crystals can be selected by different criteria, paying attention to the side of the world, the purpose of the space and the like.
      When we talk about the operation of the K9 EDQ Tesla Scalar fields generator, /since it is some kind of scalar „Aether fountain“, which act as bioenergetics stimulus correlating with the subtlest layers of being and harmonizing them - the presence of crystals is desirable as an additional energy stratum. By means of their specific frequency characteristics, they energetically „purifie“ everything that is need to be, and in some ways may additionally specify and direct scalar fountains effect. Knowledge about the relationship between chakras and colors of crystals, as well as their specific characteristics can serve us to intensify the scalar field constituted by K9 EDQ generator and strengthen its effect on the vitalization and harmonization of our being and beings of the Earth, our living space on which we have great influence - affecting always on the wholeness.



      Rock crystal, quartz-transparent, whitish color. Universal stone for energy cleaning at all levels, from the physical space in which we live, through our physical bodies, on all organs, up to the emotional and mental levels. It removes blockages, turning negative energy into positive, strengthens the whole body. Increases the effect of other crystals.


      Quartz smoke-brown - can be used to treat any disease, and to improve the condition of the whole organism. Its action is unlimited.


      Sunstone - heals burns, ulcers, hay fever, asthma, or has a beneficial effect on nerve problems. Raises immunity, and its recommended for disorders of the thyroid gland and symptoms of growth of teeth in children.


      Emerald - helps diabetics and strengthens the heart muscle, improves the health status of organs of vision and liver function, reduces epileptic seizures and labor pains. The strongest effect manifests itself when wearing, and puts only this stone, without being combined with other stones. Protects against unwanted human energy, coordinate the work of the heart, affects the diseases of the female reproductive organs.


      Coral - placed directly on the skin has a calming effect on the body. Unlike other stones, corals should never be cleaned with water.


      Ruby - is used in the treatment of disorders and the lack of blood, fever, kidney and liver. There is an ancient belief that the ruby must be worn on the left side of the body. Power, love, passion, cleanses the blood and lymph.


      Sapphire - and especially the blue Sapphire, the best effects show in the treatment of diseases of the throat.


      Garnet - stimulates the heart and reduces arthritis. Protection and deepening love.

Roze Kvarc

      Rose Quartz - stone of love. It affects a better functioning of the heart.


      Hematite - reduces inflammation and relieves pain in joints and head. Grounding stone that lowers the temperature and increases circulation.


      Jade - is very effective for the functioning of the nervous system. Attract happiness and friendship.

Lapis Lazuli

      Lapis Lazuli (Sapphire) - protection of supernatural attacks and strengthening friendship and love relationships. Against migraine. Purifies the body and affects the finer appearance of the skin.


      Malachite - can be used to protect and strengthen the entire body during pregnancy, and it is known for its positive effect on rheumatism. Detoxifier, dismisses sexual problems.


      Olivine (Peridot) - helps digestion and affect better general condition of all hoses. Success, acceptance of the new.


      Amethyst - relieves pain, headache, insomnia, drowsiness, and circulatory disorders. Anti-stress, calming stone, highly spiritual.


      Agate - calms upset stomach. Harmonize spirit, body and emotions.


      Heliotrope - kind of precious stone, stimulates the flow of energy through the body.


      Jasper - has calming effect on the stomach, but also on the nervous system. Red Jasper can affect on restoring the sense of smell. Vitality.


      Carnelian - supports the treatment of liver and blood, and prevents the occurrence of bleeding from the nose. Life force.


      Onyx - provides emotional and physical strength of the body that is exposed to stress. Best effect gives when is worn together with diamonds and pearls. It promotes spontaneity and gives strength.

Beli opal

      White Opal - can sometimes be useful in the treatment of eye diseases, while brilliant reddish opal helps digestion. However, there is a belief that the opal mysteriously disappear if it is not the right time to carry it, and it will be restored when it becomes necessary. Seductive stone, regulates water.


      Topaz - has a beneficial effect on exhausted organism, especially when it comes to nervous exhaustion, then in treating depression and tension. Sympathetic stone, affects the eye disease.


      Tourmaline - has positive effect on intestinal ailments, but the black stone should be avoided. This stone is also known for his influence on strengthening teeth and bones. Processes the densest negative energy transforming it into a positive vibration.


      Turquoise - promotes healing of the whole organism and its fight against the process of inflammation and fever. A positive effect on eyesight. This glittering stone has long held the primacy among the Indians who are the most commonly combined it with silver and jewelry made of extraordinary beauty. The symbol of prosperity and happiness, quickly releases stress.


      Jet (Black amber) - has a calming effect and treat headache.


      It is advisable to clean the stones from time to time to, especially if you use them by direct laying on the body or in a healing process, if it is inherited from some etc. Even when the stone was not used, he picks up unwanted vibration if there is any.
      If you use stones with K9 EDQ generator, crystals will be repeatedly cleaned by its vortexial fields and their fundamental frequency, i.e. information transmitted will be strengthened. If not, they must be cleaned at one of the recommended modes.
      When buying a stone it is common to get a short instruction of the method of cleaning and charging it, which may vary. In most cases it is sufficient to leave a stone under running water for several hours, or to wash it in water to which a sea salt is added. Also, it can be carefully pulled through the flame. The most effective way, perhaps, is to bury a stone in the ground, in a safe place, and left it for 24 hours. However, charging mostly should be done by placing a stone on the sunlight for several hours (Amethyst should not). When the stone is cleaned, you may begin to use it again.



      A human being is a multidimensional being, whose complexity, other than as layering, can be seen as intertwining and mutual pervasion of his aspects, their connection and dependence of each other. In fact, seen from the „inside“, we are actually spiritual beings, but this spirituality in this one material existence means epitome through the stages of being`s consciousness. Wholeness, which we are, means that we are fullness, fulfillment with light whose spectrum consists of a series of different harmonic vibrations, i.e. energies, which can be seen or described as different colors that characterize different levels or forms of consciousness. The whole this scale of existence that makes us what we are is Unity, eternity, bliss, knowledge or, simply saying seeing through the world of color - is a white light as the set of all possible colors.

      - BODIES

      In short, it became known, without doubt, that our existence takes place through Spiritual, Mental, Astral and Physical body, whose Energy centers, chakras, represent certain levels of our consciousness, through its evolution. Maybe our evolution of consciousness, as an essential spiritual development would not neither interest us as something abstract, distant and transcendent if it had not been coupled with the situation of the materialization process development that follows this first and essential. Just because of this, in order to realize welfare as a present state, as it should be - a brief review of the deal with spiritual strivings, which are our reality painted on all levels of our existence - is essential to our being`s existence.

      The spiritual body is of the highest vibration, a unique record of divine energy, our pure consciousness and impulse of Personal Path, golden mold by which we arise, develop, live and realize ourselves. Other levels continues to arise from it.
      Mental body is slightly lower level of existence, but this is a higher vibration than other levels, and higher category of awareness of the mind (intellect and lower levels - the emotions, subconscious, instincts) which is attached to the material body. This is a higher mental level. Here the idea gets a clear picture, our Way concretizes itself in the idea of a specific life task, with all its steps. Vibration spectrum and colors of the body goes from the silver, shiny white with a hint of gold, over purple, indigo, to light blue.
      The astral tbody is of more dense vibration, a little bit more subtle than the physical body. It is linked to the energy level of love that gives materialization to the idea from mental plan. Do not forget, only with love we can do anything to create, and this level is meritorious for that. Our dreams, in most cases, are related with this body. The vibrations may be different, but the spectrum usually ranges from pink to emerald green. This level of energy denzity is very large and complex, as well as other levels of course, but this level of communication, through texts, provides us only an opportunity to just casually mention some fenomenons from this area. To know more about all of this, we need to study the relevant literature, as well as to do a lot of personal research through psychomental meditation and healing techniques.
      The physical body is the lowest and roughest part of the vibration spectrum of our energy system. This body is composed of several layers - rational, emotional and instinctive level, up to matter, which itself is vibrational energy, but its roughest form. Our physical body is only concrete manifestation form of spiritual impulses, acting over mental and astral levels, which - through a certain form of all body parts, organs, systems and function, purport and omnipresent role in the game of life - Divine energy creates. This supreme, celestial inteligence is the essence of everything that connects and holds together, giving every Human’s Spark a unique seal.

      Our bodies, diversed by subtlety or consciousness, are surrounded and mutually connected via few multilayered energy shells that we call Aura. In the literature, we can find explanation of the term „Aura“ as a whole layer that depicts overall energy field of the body, but also as the human „biofield“, which includes the whole human energy system in which the auras are only a certain energy layers or different degrees of vibration of our system. We will agree with second interpretation, because it provides us the definition of a complex structure made up of a multiple vibratory reflections. Entire body field, certainly, will depend on a variable combination of more bodies reflections.

      Confirmation for considerations of this kind, at first glance – like esoteric, come from the domain of quantum and biophysical researches that clearly ascertain and use (very successfully in the field of medicine) the ancient truths about the vibrational essence of the matter, energy and information of which it is made, and can be reduced to. Knowledge about the vital energy „Prana“, subtle energy channels „Nadis„ through which vital energy flows and energy centers that originate from the Indian tradition, or Chi and energy flows by meridians between acupuncture points of Chinese tradition, today are widespreaded and its usage is certified through the complementary methods of treatment that are associated with conventional medical methods. About ideas that this knowledge is mystique or unfounded there should be no doubt, in any case, because there is a plenty of affirmative arguments, both theoretical and professionally scientific (quantum-informational area e.g.), as well as experimental and practical.



      The term chakra is well known today and we speak a lot about it, but what is most important is to understand that these entities are conical energetic vortices, „rotating wheels“, which, watched on the physical body, are placed in the area of nerve tangles, along the spinal column on the tree of life. They are energy centers, energy transformers, by which our body is connected with the universal cosmic energy. Chakras absorb this energy, decompose it and via the energy channels sent it to the endocrine glands, in the nervous system and blood. Chakras are the central communication points of all our bodies (energy levels, densities ...), of auras and energy flows within ourselves and with our external environment, since energy flows emerge from chakras and plunge in them also. Theirs most faithfully description is spiral, toroidal energy flows that are certain compounds of our being and being of the world around us. Compliance, staying in Unity - which disperse the veil of ours ego that separate us from the whole of all that is - ensure proper functioning of the energy flow as a precondition for the material well-being. In addition, it is very important to figure out chakras as the centers of different levels of our consciousness.

      At the level of the physical body seven major centers are located but, experts oftenly mention another two centers above these seven, which are all linked together to the human existence at this moment. Of course, there are some higher and lower centers, twenty-one secondary and one hundred and forty four auxiliary energy centers. However, it is not essential to deal with them individually, but to understand the importance of their networking, being`s connectivity via energy flows that supplies the whole organism. We are beings of light, of energy, in which every fraction - like a part of the hologram - depicts a wholeness, which means that the entity is also reflected in each of them. Health at all levels is not so much question of the development of individual centers as much as is labor on their common harmonization, to which primarily affects our K9 EDQ generator. Optimal state of health is depicted with a fully open, purified, balanced and positively directed energy centers.
      We will mention, briefly, some of the most important features of chakras and their physiological location, going from bottom to top, just as development of consciousness takes place so that energy vibrations becomes more and more subtle.

      The first energy center is located in the area of the coccyx-plexus, in the area of the perineum in males and cervix in females. It is located between sexual organs and the anal opening, a couple of centimeters inside. It is linked to the materialization of our Life-Path, instincts, complete control over all bodily functions and the element earth. It influence on the amount of physical energy and will for living, preservation, survival and Grounding. It is clear, pure red color.
      The second center is located in the area of the pelvic plexus, on the spine, in the pubic bone level. It is important as the center of our sexual - life energy and karma (the legacy of the previous life). He is associated with dominance, emotions and the element water. It influence to our emotional life, affecting the ability to conceive, action learning, creation. It is Orange.
      The third center is related to the solar plexus. This is the reservoir of our life energy, where we perform its accumulation, to used it optionally for all the necessary physical and psychomental processes. It is located in the area of the abdomen, halfway between the navel and the breastbone. This is the highest level of the physical body and is related to rational knowledge and the mind. It rules with the element of fire. Allows connection between the material and the etheric body. The third chakra is a warm yellow color, with a hint of gold.
      The fourth center is located in the cardiac plexus, at the spine, in the mid point of the breastbone. We connect it to the heart, it is the center of unconditional love, of creative, universal energy. With complete opening of this center, we are able to control and direct our life energy, free itself from the bondage to matter and senses. Its element is air and is connected to the astral level. Love is the foundation of this chakra, that is a conductor and mediator among other chakras. The color is emerald green.
      The fifth center is along faring and laryngeal plexus, on the spine, at the height of the neck cavity. It is the center of the will, faith and self-confidence. It represents the full knowledge of past, present and future, the ability of existence without food, immortality. Unites Love and Awareness, all of our resources on the way of ours endless development. This chakra is center of communication, influences on our will, determination, choosing ability, creativity on the mental level, on the acceptance of the world and adapting to the world, as well as on the experience of ourselves, personality and acceptance in society. This center has a light blue color.
      The sixth is in the Cavern plexus, in the center of the head, at the top of the brain stem, where the pineal gland is placed. This is the command center. This is a higher mental level. Its opening come to clairvoyance, to complete knowledge, knowledge of own Path. This center is connected with the universal love. At this level of human consciousness development a new man wakes up within man, which is capable of properly looking into the spiritual world and understand the causes of natural phenomena. This chakra is indigo blue or purple in color.
      The seventh ceneter is at the top of the head, on the apex, the highest center in the physical body. It represents overcoming the space and time. The seventh, crown chakra is the chakra of spirituality. It wears enlightenment, piety, and the culmination of light energy awareness. According to some sources color of this center is the purple, and by others it is white with a hint of golden threads.
      The eighth center is outside the physical body, half a meter above the head, the highest point of the mental level; brings overcome, freedom, reaching crystal clear insight and understanding of reality as it is. Its color is the crystal clear silver.
      The ninth center is a meter above the head. Ninth level of our Personal Way, Life Path, The spiritual body, our full integration with the highest form of consciousness and spirit, with divine energy, complete self-realization. Its color is Golden.


      The second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth chakra has its front and rear aspect. Theirs correct motion is in a clockwise direction, viewed from the outside to the body. Front aspects of chakras are active, emotional aspects, through which they predominantly emits energy. Last aspects are willing, passive and through them the energy is mainly received. First, the root, that is the lowest, and the seventh, crown on the top of the head have only one aspect whose motion direction, seen from above, is in the clockwise direction. For the ninth energy center can be said that it is our Pure Awareness, Our Way. Health depends on the compliance of chakras and its openness for energy flow as much as possible. Blockade or irregular energy flow in major energy centers, prevents the body parts or organs systems to be supplied with sufficient life energy, which results in numerous unfavorable psycho-physical conditions. Inasmuch, theirs proper functioning, or a valid physical body supplying with the life energy - is essential for overall well-being of man.

      Colors of chakras are clean, bright and shiny, and are associated with the different frequencies of energy they transform. As chakras have, our various bodies and their auras, also have their own specific color, which should be clean, bright and shiny. By working on our own spiritual self-improvement we develop, clean and strengthen all levels of our existence. All our bodies have auras - which are energy fields with different vibrations, i.e. layers that surround us and through which we communicate with the environment. Each body has a plurality of layers, each of which is associated with a particular chakra, and which transfer informations from different energy levels. All bodies, chakras and auras have specific vibrations and functions, they permeating each other, and are in constant motion and change.



      Why exactly pyramidal shape is used for the „Active Orgonite“ of the Tesla Scalar Light Processor?

      The ancient knew that properly constructed pyramids act as concentrators and generators of subtle fields that is very favorable, not only to life sustaining, in the physical, space-time sense, but also, and more importantly perhaps, to encourage spiritual development. As a models in stone, pyramids represent the energy structure of the human being and of the universe, whose mechanism they use.
      Pyramids are believed to be, a powerful cosmic antennas and generators of the cosmic energy that operate at different levels. Tesla’s Non-Hertzian waves generator K9 EDQ, has just such a mechanism of action, of a kind that pyramids have. Nikola Tesla's unsurpassed genius has penetrated in the secrets of Nature, mastered the mysteries of space and time and succeeded to incarnate the values of ancient, wanting to go even further. He did not finish his work because the time was not support him. Or awareness of civilization was not ...

      It has been shown that the major impact of pyramids is in maintaining and increasing the level of awareness. They can not be built randomly, anywhere, just as each wave generator can not be a Tesla wave generator. Just, NonHertzian waves, whose existence was predicted, confirmed and classified by EDQ Model, and that can be detected at the pyramids also, make all the blessings of a subtle energy phenomena to be present. Scalar fields are essential fields, swirling vortexes of nature, such as internal man’s Vortexes are. Tesla's waves harmonize us, as well as multidimensional Unity, i.e. us in a wholenes of Unity, connecting again a links broken because of ours materialistic way of life, isolation and alienation from nature.
      NonHertzian scalar waves constituted by EDQ generators, as well as specific pyramidal structures, affect the natural flow of cosmic energy to stimulate evolutionary processes in the biosphere, and the human consciousness. They influence positively at the stimulation of internal energy bio-physical and physiological processes that creates a suitable foundation for increasing psychic potential. Also, affect to the improvement of the immune and nervous system; at the improvement of energy-ecological environment of mankind, creates a clean and healthy living conditions. Expansion of specific structures such as EDQ generators of subtle energies and pyramid structures are, for all these values, in perspective, can affect to the major changes in energy structure of our planet and to raising the level of consciousness.
      A very positive role in maintaining health of plants and animals is attributed to the characteristics of pyramid. The pyramids have curative properties and promote healing. Can alleviate existing problems such as toothache, headache and rheumatic pain. Staying inside the pyramid is very pleasant for meditation, even - as some say, increases a psychic abilities. It is known that food products remain uncorrupted in the pyramid, just get dry. The milk does not spoil but turns into yogurt. Plants inside them grow faster and are healthier than the usual, picked flowers lives longer within them, it does not rot, but only dry in its original form. Interestingly, oxidized coins and jewelry, placed in a pyramid become shiny as new are. Used razors become sharp and can be much longer used if are regularly placed in a pyramid. Its the most important properties, perhaps, are related to their impact on water, which, in itself, is immensely wondrous substance.
      Water in the pyramid becomes clear, even when is quite contaminated. Water from the pyramid makes people more active and healthy, it become, can be said, even curative and completely different in its properties and composition in relation to the one that have been before staying inside the pyramid. Such properties, water reserves 24 hours afterwards is taken out of the pyramid. It can heal wounds, burns and inflammation faster than drugs. There are also cosmetic effects of maintaining youthful and smooth skin. Water from pyramid has a great influence on the plants, they grow faster and healthier and a sick becomes recovered.

      K9 EDQ Active Orgonite is a very specific and unique Orgonite with pyramidal shape, in whose center is placed a miniature and very special Tesla coil that emanate a Tesla’s NonHertzan waves that constitute a very exclusive scalar fields. This device is responsible for the constant activation of ethereal vortex structures, inducing a subtle energy matrix whose presence has a vitalising effect. The shape and the structure of the pyramid, contribute that this „scalar fountain“, become more efficient with enhanced effects for spiritual and energetic healing efforts. Responding crystals, resin and special materials, placed at appropriate positions provide a specific multidimensional subtle energy movements to enable its constant transformation in a form that is consistent with the cosmos.
      In addition to a variety of crystals, the incense is present inside the resonator as a very specific resin that connects the physical and spiritual reality, etc.. Helical copper structures within the resonator have vibration of DNA spirals, and are excited with a frequency of 150 MHz, which is characteristic of the DNA, because of which a strongly healing effect occurs. All of these elements perform that action of K9 EDQ Active Orgonite be a really multilayered just as man and nature in general are and, at the same time, dynamic and simply clear in supporting positive flow in the process of spirit maturing as life itself is.

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